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Guardian Video: Cornelia Parker


I went up to Gateshead's BALTIC centre for contemporary art recently to film Cornelia Parker as she installed her new exhibition 'Doubtful Sound'.

The result is this interview produced for The Guardian.

Although we did the trip in a day, Nico Wasserman, on camera duties, and I spent several hours with Cornelia and her exhibition, in which a beautifully muted collection of 'avoided objects' off-set the grandiosity of the show's centrepiece: 'Perpetual Canon'. This is a gigantic arrangement of vertically hung brass instruments, each stamped on by a 25 tonne press that Cornelia says "removed their puff."

It's a fantastic exhibition and I hope this interview gives some insight into the humour, connections and conversations that are played out amongst Cornelia's assortment of objects and installations.