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Crafts Council Commissions Craft Cube Clips

I was asked by the Crafts Council to produce a film and animation about cutting-edge furniture maker Gareth Neal.

The Crafts Council had given Gareth a small HD camera which he used to record his everyday activities for a week.  I then interviewed Gareth and interspersed his answers with the footage he'd captured: books, tools, machinery, cups of tea...


The film is designed to be shown in a 'Craft Cube': a self-contained exhibition unit containing an object from the Crafts Council Collection. Visitors to the Gareth Neal cube will get to see the 'Anne' console table - one of his defining works, and a triumphant marriage of tradition and technology.

The story of 'Anne' is told in this animation (actually a hybrid of stop-motion, live action and compositing) also on show in the Cube. For this I enlisted animators Joel Somerfield and Anthony Woodgate, who used original materials from Gareth's workshop to bring the manufacturing process to life:

[vimeo w=500&h=283]

Gareth Neal's Craft Cube arrives in Berlin this month.