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Graham Hudson exhibition


Graham Hudson's exhibition opened last night. For the last year the artist has been based at the King's Cross Central construction site in London, making a work a day and also using the experience to expand and investigate different aspects of his practice.

I've been collaborating with Graham on an artwork for the show: it's a video marking the first lesson to be conducted on the site, which will be home to Central Saint Martin's from next year. Students of fine art and architecture were invited to take part in a practical workshop, making architectural drawings of two 'test sites' used by the college architects to decide on fixtures and finishes in the new building.

Alongside this work, two of the films from my series of shorts about Graham's residency, commissioned by Butcher's Projects, King's Cross Central General Partners and with support from Arts Council England, are also on show.

In the first, directed by Nico Wasserman and edited by Zac Grant, music writer Alexis Petridis is given a tour of the abandoned nightclubs that were once at the heart of London's warehouse rave scene.


In the second, a crane driver moves his machinery according to Graham's instructions, creating a giant temporary performance work.


The exhibition is at The German Gymnasium (just opposite St Pancras International station) until 29 October 2010.