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TateShots Edinburgh: Martin Creed

TateShots Edinburgh: Martin Creed. Filmed and edited by John Wallace, produced and directed by Jared Schiller.

I took TateShots to Edinburgh last week to make some films to coincide with the start of the festivals.

Our first stop was the Fruitmarket Gallery and Martin Creed's new exhibition 'Down Over Up'. Martin was as generous as ever and allowed us to film him setting up the show and making some decisions. It's a fantastic exhibition, one that does Creed's work a great justice by focusing in on one aspect of his practice - even if he does admit in this video to 'not usually liking' themed shows. To Martin Creed's fans, and I am most definitely one, the appeal of his work is often how complicated it is, despite appearances. There is a really good catalogue accompanying the show, with essays by Fiona Bradley and Alex Coles, that does a great job of defining that appeal... and I hope this interview helps too.

Coming up over the next few weeks will be interviews with Robert and Nicky Wilson, the collectors who founded Jupiter Artland, and Nathan Coley, who has just unveiled a new commission there. And thanks to a chance meeting with SNGMA director Simon Groom, we also interviewed the Boyle Family, who were in the process of installing a new work from their 'World Series'.