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Sound & Vision Screening


On Friday night I took to the stage at Tate Modern with Nicola Probert to introduce the films she directed for TateShots: 'Sound & Vision'.

The evening was the first time we had premiered TateShots films on a big screen (though I had warmed up for the occasion by presenting a selection of six, to about that many people, at December's Late at Tate Britain). About a hundred people came, which was amazing, including two of the series' subjects, Billy Childish and Cosey Fanni Tutti. Despite TateShots being designed for an online audience, it was great to see how they held up in the unforgiving environment of the auditorium. We had gone to the extra trouble of grading the films, which helped hugely, and whilst performing a sound mix was not possible, a bit of rehearsal with Tate's AV crew was enough to make sure the audio levels remained constant.

The films will be seeded over a six week period via the TateShots podcast. As well as Billy and Cosey, there are interviews with David Byrne, Jeffrey Lewis, Lydia Lunch and Mark E Smith.

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